Focale Publishes Emanuele Turri

by | Jun 8, 2017 | News

Splash and High-Speed Photography is not just a technique to get the most dynamic and creative images for product photography, it’s more like a science which aims to capture every little instant of our lives!

Focale has published this very interesting article with some of my works, explaining in an emotional way what can be achieved using this fantastic technique. As they say…

It’s not a job for all: the splash and high speed photographer is a very Cinematographer scientist!

It’s not only a matter of technical skills, gear and post production, for this kind of photography the most important thing is to tell the story beyond the product and capture the attention of who is watching the picture in just a few instants.


Focale publishes Emanuele Turri

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Special thanks to Gabriele Fogli for this great article and for publishing those images!

Take a look at the Portfolio to see

the published and other Splash and High-Speed images.

Take a look at the Portfolio to see the published and other splash and high-speed images.





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